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Trimbull English Bulldogs

Quality english bulldog puppies for sale, Breeder of English Bulldogs

Over 24yrs experience in the Bulldog breed. Check out our English bulldog puppy page for more information.

Welcome to Trimbull English Bulldogs. We are responsible, reputable Bulldog breeders.We also are show exhibitors of AKC Champion Bulldogs. The AKC Bulldog is also known by most as English Bulldogs. Our English Bulldog puppies are bred for health, conformation and always have that great Bulldog temperment. We occasionally have Champion sired English Bulldog puppies for sale to pet and show homes. We welcome inquiries about upcoming english bulldog litters or available english bulldog puppies. Browse our site for English Bulldog and english bulldog puppy pictures. We also offer Champion English Bulldog Stud Service to approved females. After you have searched our site if you have any questions about the english bulldog breed please shoot us an email. We will be glad to help!

English Bulldog puppies sired by our Champion English Bulldog Stud service
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English Bulldogs are a wonderful breed of dog. Their nature is to be a people pleaser. So if you want a dog that will adore you forever a English Bulldog puppy may be for you! As puppies you can expect your English bulldog to be as playful as any other breed, they will run, bite and play as much as any other puppy would,when awake! English bulldog(s) and puppies do sleep more than other breeds of dogs. So don't be alarmed if you do purchase a puppy and you think he is sleeping too much. It is just the breed. But his long naps makes for easy house training!
Grown English bulldogs are typically lazy dogs,and don't require much exercise. Although they may enjoy their favorite toy even at a very old age. A bulldog just want to be where ever you are.

English Bulldogs are Brachycephalic - which means short skulled. This is often associated with some soft tissue features, pinched nostrils, elongated soft palate, and extra folds in the throat. You can read more about these and other health concerns on our Health page. These things together are called the "Brachycephalic Syndrome" and they tend to obstruct their airway and interfere with his breathing. especially when hot, stressed or exercised. This is also what makes the bulldog snore. This is one of the main things that makes the bulldog not suitable for everyone. They cannot take the heat. A English Bulldog is not a breed of dog you can turn out into the back yard and forget about for an hour or two in extreme temps. A bulldog loves kids and are very good with children but due to their breathing they are not for the purchaser that is looking for a dog to "romp and stomp all over the woods for hours". A bulldog is a man made breed. They are like having a child, you have to look out for a bulldogs best interest so hot weather and a bulldog does not mix
We love English bulldogs! and we will forever have a bulldog. We love the devotion they the bestow upon you. Having an English bulldog is like having a toddler at all times,(no matter what your bulldogs age) they are always there to brighten your day,whether they lay at your feet gently snoring or just following you around the house from room to room. We love their wrinkly sour mugs and happy go lucky attitude. Please search our site for information on the bulldog breed
In our site you can find pictures of English Bulldog puppies, photos of our English Bulldog males we offer for Champion stud service and information on our AKC Champion English Bulldogs.
For common Health issues of the English Bulldog check our
English Bulldog Health page.  If you are a new English Bulldog puppy owner, a lover of English Bulldog puppies or a novice bulldog breeder check our our How to care for your English Bulldog pages. Regardless where you have bought your English Bulldog puppy if you have a question we will be glad to help.

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